The Olympics are coming!!

One of my favorite events is almost upon us: The Olympics!! I am so excited I can barely control myself. From July 27- August 12, I will live, eat, breathe, and sleep (barely) the London 2012 Olympics.

I’m not sure how I ended up becoming so obsessed with the Games. I would watch them as a kid with my parents and I found it interesting to watch but it wasn’t all consuming until the Beijing Olympics when I caught Olympic fever. For over 2 weeks, my DVR was filled with as much coverage as possible and I got only 2-4 hours of sleep per night. It was glorious.

To me, the Olympics are that time of year when I can not only cheer for my fellow Americans and feel proud to be an American but to also witness the greatness that comes from countries all over the world. There are always controversies and stories of poor sportsmanship, but for the most part, it is filled with inspirational stories and it is an opportunity to see ordinary people accomplish extraordinary things or at least try to. I will never forget hearing about the African swimmer, Eric Moussambani, who, if I read it correctly, had never seen an Olympic sized pool until he arrived at the Olympics, swam in the 100 M freestyle competition. He wasn’t the fastest and he was in the pool for alot longer than all of the swimmers, but the audience cheered and rallied for him and he finished the race with a standing ovation from the crowd. Stories like that are what gets me.

For all of the negativity out there, these two weeks represent a time when the entire world comes together and cheer on those hoping to make a mark in history… and I can’t wait.


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