Personal Rumblings: January Reflections

One month down, 11 more to go.

The first month in 2013 has passed and I can’t say it was a particularly productive month for me. Well in terms of spending, I did very well on that front, but not so much on the more important ones. Oddly enough, this month went by slowly, yet quickly. I credit my lack of accomplishment this month to my really bad habits that I have had for the past couple of years (procrastination, laziness etc) and also to the fact that I got a HORRIBLE stomach flu. It knocked me out for almost 2 weeks. This was the strangest sickness I have ever had and it really knocked me on my ass. It started as a sinus cold and then turned into the stomach flu and then turned back into the cold. I am feeling better now, however I know the cold virus is still in my system and it is going to hit me in the next few weeks. I can feel it. I went from never getting sick to being sick 3 times in the past 6 months. I think a lot of it has to do with me changing jobs. I went from an office of 6 to a university campus of 100,000. Germs are floating around everywhere. It doesn’t help that I work in a disgusting hole of a building filled with ants, rats, cockroaches and the inability of anybody to fix the machine that regulates the temperature in the building. Working in an office where it is 50 degrees is not fun. But I digress…

I did accomplish a few things on the beauty and organization front so that is a good thing. I am refreshed and determined so I think this will be a good month for more changes. 🙂


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