Music/K-Pop Rumblings: Music Monday

Another Monday is upon us and I bring you the 2nd installment of Music Monday. Last week, I said this would most likely be devoted to Shinhwa and indeed my prediction was correct. They released their 11th album, The Classic, on May 16 and I have been listening to it non-stop ever since. For those who don’t know, Shinhwa is a Korean idol group who debuted in March 1998. They are considered legends as they are the longest running idol group in Korean music history. 15 years together is pretty unheard of in the idol world. They have done a lot which I will not write about here as it would just be ridiculously long, but they are pretty frickin awesome (and I highly recommend you watch Shinhwa Broadcast which is one of the most entertaining things I have ever seen.) I thoroughly enjoy this album and if I can stop procrastinating, I hope to write an album review in the this week. Until then, here are the tracks I have been listening to obsessively:Read More »

Music Rumblings: Music Monday

I LOVE music. I need to music like people need air to breathe. If I ever leave the house without my iPod, major panic ensues. My music tastes run the gamut as evident by the 18,000+ sings in my iTunes library (yes I have a problem). In order to get me blogging regularly, I am venturing to do Music Mondays which will highlight songs/albums that I am obsessed with. For this first installment, I have three songs that have been in constant rotation on my iPod as of late:Read More »

Personal Rumblings: February/March/April Reflections

My my how time flies. It’s already May and we are almost halfway through the year. Craziness. The past couple of months have been interesting in terms of my mental and emotional state which explains my long absence (not that I am regular about my blogging anyway). February started off fine and then an unexpected repair on my car brought me down and then I spiraled. My spiraling continued throughout March and April was basically the month to pick myself back up. I was reminded of the darkness that I have within myself and hopefully I won’t go there again.Read More »