Music Rumblings: Music Monday

I LOVE music. I need to music like people need air to breathe. If I ever leave the house without my iPod, major panic ensues. My music tastes run the gamut as evident by the 18,000+ sings in my iTunes library (yes I have a problem). In order to get me blogging regularly, I am venturing to do Music Mondays which will highlight songs/albums that I am obsessed with. For this first installment, I have three songs that have been in constant rotation on my iPod as of late:

1) “Euphoria”- Usher

I LOVE this song. It’s soooo good. I love how the song builds, the execution, Usher’s voice, everything. I don’t know how I missed this song when I listened to Usher’s album a few months ago, but better late than never. I just can’t stop listening to this.

2) “Don’t You Worry Child” (feat John Martin)-Swedish House Mafia

Much like “Euphoria”, which Swedish House Mafia produced and wrote, I can’t get this song out of my head. I love John Martin’s voice and the lyrics really stand out to me. In terms of structure, it reminds of “Euphoria,” but it has a totally different feel. Love it!

3) “전원일기”- T-ara N4

On the first listen, I was not a fan. By the 3rd listen, I was hooked. It’s not the deepest song or even the best song I have ever heard, but it’s FUN. This is a whole lot of noise, but it appeals to me. I’m not in love with the pre-chorus (not sure if that is what it is called, but I am going with it), but I enjoy the rest of the song. It’s fun, catchy, high energy and just plain addicting.

Clearly, the theme of this was songs you can dance to. I love up-tempos and these three are in constant rotation. Summer is coming up and I am looking forward to an array of music releases. Just a warning, I have a feeling next week’s Music Monday is going to be devoted to Shinhwa as their album drops on Thursday and the fangirl inside me is very happy. 🙂


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