Music/K-Pop Rumblings: Music Monday

Another Monday is upon us and I bring you the 2nd installment of Music Monday. Last week, I said this would most likely be devoted to Shinhwa and indeed my prediction was correct. They released their 11th album, The Classic, on May 16 and I have been listening to it non-stop ever since. For those who don’t know, Shinhwa is a Korean idol group who debuted in March 1998. They are considered legends as they are the longest running idol group in Korean music history. 15 years together is pretty unheard of in the idol world. They have done a lot which I will not write about here as it would just be ridiculously long, but they are pretty frickin awesome (and I highly recommend you watch Shinhwa Broadcast which is one of the most entertaining things I have ever seen.) I thoroughly enjoy this album and if I can stop procrastinating, I hope to write an album review in the this week. Until then, here are the tracks I have been listening to obsessively:

1) “This Love”

This is their title song and I am SO glad they chose this. I feel like there is a lot going on this song, but it just works for me. I especially the love the moments when you can hear the piano so prominently. It offers a nice contrast to the electronic Euro pop vibe of the song. I understand how they got the idea to Vogue in their music video as this songs seems very fashion/model-esque if that makes sense. It’s just a great song.

2) “Hurricane”

If “This Love” hadn’t been choses as the title song, I would have picked this. I knew I would love this in the first 10 seconds of hearing it. I listen various types of music, but I find myself drawn to a certain sound/style and this would be an example of that. The music itself just catches my attention and quite frankly, gives me an eargasm.

3) “Scarface”

I actually don’t love this song, however I keep listening to it like my life depends on it. I pretty much like everything about this song with the exception the dubstep which I feel is rather unnecessary, but doesn’t necessarily detract from the song. I think the men sound great and as someone who has some significant emotional scars I appreciate the idea behind the song.

4) “I Gave You”

A very nice and, in comparison with the other 3 above, a soft song. I love the music and the general sweetness of the song. If you have heard the album, it stands out amongst the other tracks and it just a nice song to listen to.


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