Music Rumblings: Music Monday 6/3/2013

It’s Monday!! YAY!!!! I skipped last week’s Music Monday as I have been a good little fangirl and have been listening to Shinhwa’s new album pretty much non-stop since it came out in mid-May. However, one can only listen to the same songs so much in a day so a couple of songs slipped into the rotation.

1) “Home” -Michael Buble

This was the song that introduced me to Michael Buble and I absolutely love it. It’s so sweet, yet their is a sadness to it which hits me on an emotional level. I always equate love to feeling like you are home so this song is perfect for me. I love Buble’s voice and while I like many other songs of his, this song is my absolute favorite.

2) “Amor Mio”-Lee Hyori feat Park Ji Young of Honey-G

Hyori has just released her 5th album Monochrome and while I have yet to listen to it, I did watch the music video for this song and it has been in my head ever since. I love the melody and Park Ji Young’s voice is amazing. The pair harmonize well together and the song is really beautiful. I actually would love Hyori to promote this rather than “Bad Girl.”


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