Beauty/Subscription Box Rumblings: Glossybox June 2013

Glossybox 029

Glossybox is one of my favorite subscription boxes. They are on the pricier side of the beauty sub boxes at $21 per month, but with the exception of the May box, I have never been disappointed. Glossybox is a beauty subscription service where they send you at least 5 deluxe-sized samples sometimes even full-size products. While I rarely dislike their boxes, a major qualm I have is that their shipping SUCKS. I’ve only received one box in the actual month it was for. More often than not, you will receive that month’s box in the next month, which is the case with this one as I received my June box the first week of July. This time around there was an actual reason for the delay in shipping as there was a hullabaloo between a couple of parties involved in the box, but just be warned that Glossybox rarely, if ever, ships their boxes on time.

This month, they partnered with Dallas Shaw who, according to her website, is known as the “it-girl illustrator and style expert.” The theme of the box was American Beauty and Shaw personally picked the products, all American made, in this month’s box. Take a look!

Glossybox 010

Glossybox 020 Glossybox 024

Tarte Complexion Enhancing Lipstick in Fair to Light: Oh Glossybox. This is the second product in a row I have received from them where they sent me the wrong shade. I have tanned skin which it states in my beauty profile so if this lipstick is meant to enhance my complexion clearly it is a fail. Just looking at it without the “complexion enhancing” purpose this is still a fail. The lipstick is way too light for my skin and not at all flattering. It is very creamy which is nice, but it doesn’t look good on me. Also, the packaging is very flimsy which is unusual for Tarte. They sell this product on QVC for $15.00 for two lipsticks so the cheap packaging may allow the cost to be so low. I will still use this to nude out a really deep lipstick, but this is just not for me.

Glossybox 011

C. Booth Nourishing Honey Almond Dry Oil Mist: I recently started using C. Booth products so I’m excited to use this mist. The scent is not over-powering and it absorbs into my skin very quickly. I have very dry skin so I feel this gives my skin more oomph when it comes to moisture.

Glossybox 014 Glossybox 015

Spa Ritual Nail Polish in Home Body: Give me a nail polish in almost any color and I will be happy. The color is a very pretty pink shimmer. I have never used Spa Ritual, but I have seen them around, typically on sale in Marshall’s and T.J. Maxx. They usually retail for $10 and have a plethora of colors so I am excited to try this. Originally, there was supposed to be a Bondi nail polish, but due to some contract disagreements between Shaw, Bondi and Glossybox,  Bondi pulled their polish. I give credit to Glossybox for finding a nail polish replacement fairly quickly.

Glossybox 016 Glossybox 019

Oscar De La Renta Essential Luxuries Fragrances: Fashion Designer Oscar De La Renta released a collection of six fragrances inspired by his life and loves and subscribers received samples of all six fragrances. I have worn Oriental Lace, Sargasso and Granada and my favorite so far is Oriental Lace. I am excited to try these as the full-size perfumes retail for $150 and I know I would never spend that much money on perfume.

Glossybox 013

Philip B. Peppermint and Avocado Volumizing and Clarifying Shampoo: Subscribers could have received one of three products and I received this shampoo. According to the website, this shampoo is supposed to give your hair “a deep cleansing to leave it bouncy and gleaming.” Unfortunately, I have to take their word for it as, this shampoo contains Sodium Laureth Sulfate and sadly, I can’t use sulfates in my air. My mom needs volumizing so I will send it to her. It does smell really good and it is a good-sized sample so I know a lot of subscribers will get a few uses out of it.

Final Thoughts: I always think of subscription boxes in two ways: 1) how useful the products are to all subscribers and 2) how useful is the box to me. Subjectively, I think this is a really good box; MUCH better than last month’s box, which was awful. There is a good range of products and the sample sizes are very generous. In terms of it’s usefulness to me, it leaves much to be desired. The lipstick just doesn’t work for me (and they sent it to me in the wrong shade though I don’t really think the correct shade would look that good on me either) and unfortunately I can’t use the shampoo so there are only 3 samples I can use. **Sigh**Not all boxes can winners, but I appreciate the thought that went into the products. 🙂


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