Beauty/Subscription Box Rumblings: Birchbox August 2013


This is my belated August Birchbox post. I didn’t post about it when I first received it in mid-August, and since I cannot think of any songs to post for Music Monday today I figured why not procrastinate and write about my August Birchbox…even though it is September…..and my September box is on it’s away….. Oh well it’s my blog and I can do what I want. ūüôā Anyway, the theme for August was “Finishing School.”¬†I didn’t love this box as much as I loved my¬†June and¬†July box (which I will share since I like to be late like that), but it wasn’t a bad box. Check it out!

BB August 2013

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Juice Beauty Oil-free Moisturizer (.5 fl oz)- I do¬†not¬†like this moisturizer at all. This is the second Juice Beauty item that I have tried and I am really unimpressed with the brand¬†so far. This left my skin feeling very sticky and it took awhile to soak into my skin. It’s not the most pleasant of smells, but it didn’t bother me too much. It was a large sample size, but I definitely won’t be purchasing. Full-size retails for $28.00.

Super Goop! Advanced SPF 37 Ant-Aging Eye Cream (2ml)- I received this in a Sample Society box and I really like it so I was happy to get another sample. It’s a pretty thick cream so a little bit goes a long way and it was moisturizing. I also like that is has¬†SPF in it since I tend to forget to put on sunscreen. It did leave a slight white cast around my eyes once I massaged it into my skin, but it faded away pretty quickly. The full-size retails for $45.00 so this is a definite splurge for me, but a possible purchase in the future.

Jasmine Seven Wipes (2 wipes)- Initially, I wasn’t too thrilled about getting these, but I have gone back to wearing flip-flops so these were surprisingly useful. I live in a huge, extremely dirty city and whenever I wear flip-flops my feet end up disgustingly dirty. I would use these to wipe off the dirt while I was out running errands. The wipes are big so one wipe can be used for both hands and/or feet. It has a strong peppermint smell and my feet felt very refreshed and clean after using these.¬† Full-size, which is 3 packs of 10 wipes, retails for $9.95.

ModelCo Party Proof Lipstick in Disco Fever– I was excited to get this lipstick, but ultimately, I was disappointed. The lipstick itself is great. It’s highly pigmented and goes on very smoothly. The reason for my disappointment is the color. I received Disco Fever which is a bright orange-pink or,¬†as Birchbox¬†calls it¬† “a flirty¬†coral,”¬†that does not flatter my perpetually tan skin at all. I will probably see if this looks good on my mother who is much lighter than me (she is white, I am black). If it doesn’t work for her, I may melt it down and mix it with one of my OCC lip tars to make a wearable color. Although, the shade didn’t work out for me, I do like the lipstick itself and may purchase a couple in the future. Full-size, which includes 3 lipsticks in different colors, retails¬†for $24.00 at Birchbox. They are also available for individual sale¬†at the ModelCo website for $16.95 each.

Show Stoppers Designer Fashion Tape in Black (2 strips)- I haven’t tried these yet and I don’t have an immediate need for them.¬† I think they are definitely a good idea and keeps in tone with the “Finishing School” theme, however I¬†never wear anything that requires fashion tape, but they may come in handy in the future.¬†Full-size retails for $9.99.

Final Thoughts- Overall, this was a pretty good box. I loved my previous boxes more, but I did get to try things that I wouldn’t normally and that is the point of Birchbox. I am definitely looking forward to my September box.


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