Subscription Box/Nail Polish Rumblings: Squarehue October 2013

Pics 2013 253

Here is a random fact about me: I love nail polish. I really REALLY do. If I had unlimited amount of money, I would probably buy all the nail polish (and all the handbags…all the books…all the makeup etc etc etc), As a nail polish junkie, I think nail polish subscription boxes are a fun way to try new colors and add to my constantly growing polish collection. One of my favorite subscriptions is Squarehue. Squarehue is a monthly subscription service which costs $14.99 per month plus $5.00 shipping ($19.99 total) and sends you three nail polishes each month. What separates Squarehue from other nail polish sub boxes is the fact that you don’t know what colors you get. It is a surprise. Everyone gets the same three colors and the colors revolve around the theme for that month. I skipped the past couple of months, but I had some extra funds and decided to get this month’s collection: the Moto Collection. I’m pretty good at guessing the colors so I was really looking forward to getting the box.  Did it live up to my expectations?

Pics 2013 260 Pics 2013 261

Yes and no. I do like the colors in the box and I am happy I got it. They fit with the “Moto” theme and are perfect for Halloween as well. The three colors this month are “Iron Horse,” a “HiGloss” black crème, “Desert Grit,” a textured orange, and “Oil Slick”, a duochrome which flashes gray, purple and green. I love a black crème so I am happy with that. Desert Grit is the first  textured polish that Squarehue has produced. I love the textured polish trend and orange is one of my favorite colors to wear on my nails so I am happy with that one as well. I haven’t worn it, but from other people’s swatches, it doesn’t look as gritty as other texture polishes. The one color I am disappointed in is “Oil Slick” and that is only because this polish is EVERYWHERE. OPI and Essie both released this color in their fall collections (OPI “Peace & Love & OPI” and Essie “For the Twill of It”). I was actually in Walgreen’s and I saw a Wet n’ Wild polish called “Gray’s Anatomy” which looks exactly like this as well. I think it is a pretty color, but as I already own OPI’s version of this color, I would have loved to have gotten something else. But I’m nitpicking. While not my favorite of their collections (that goes to the O’Hue, Love and Endless Summer collections), this is a good one to have.

November’s theme is the Coastal Collection and  I am intrigued to see the colors for next month. I have decided to skip, but I could always change my mind. 🙂



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