Music Rumblings: Music Monday 12.16.13

November and December have been very interesting months. November turned me into an emotional crazy person and after finally getting my feelings in check, December decided to come along and make me extremely sick with whatever is going around. The one benefit to being sick is I have been watching movies galore. I recently watched a holiday staple, the ever so wonderful Love Actually and I rediscovered Kelly Clarkson’s “The Trouble With Love Is.” I’ve been singing it non-stop sinceĀ I watched the movie and figured I would share it with all of you. If you have never watched Love Actually, you need to run, not walk, to your local Target or Best Buy, buy it and watch it immediately. Such a classic!

‘Fast & Furious’ pays tribute to Paul Walker’s Brian O’Conner — VIDEO

Paul Walker’s death is affecting me way more than I thought it would. I had a massive crush on him when I was younger and I love the Fast & Furious films. He seemed like a genuinely nice, humble guy which is rare in Hollywood. It’s just very shocking. My prayers and thoughts are to Paul’s family and friends as well as to Roger Rodas’ family and friends. May they both be remembered and may they both rest in peace.