Subscription Box/Beauty Rumblings: Birchbox September 2013

Pics 2013 080

Y’know I like to keep people on their toes and not post about my Birchbox the month that I get it. I like to wait till 1 or 2 months have gone by and post about it ’cause that’s how I roll. Anyway, my October Birchbox has yet to arrive so I figure I still have time to tell you about my September box. September’s theme was “Heritage” which was fitting as Birchbox celebrated their 3 year anniversary last month. In this day and age, it’s always nice to see a company last a while especially with subscription boxes being as popular as they are. This month was a pretty good box product-wise so take a look!Read More »

Beauty/Subscription Box Rumblings: Birchbox August 2013


This is my belated August Birchbox post. I didn’t post about it when I first received it in mid-August, and since I cannot think of any songs to post for Music Monday today I figured why not procrastinate and write about my August Birchbox…even though it is September…..and my September box is on it’s away….. Oh well it’s my blog and I can do what I want. 🙂 Anyway, the theme for August was “Finishing School.” I didn’t love this box as much as I loved my June and July box (which I will share since I like to be late like that), but it wasn’t a bad box. Check it out!Read More »

Subscription Box Rumblings: Birchbox September Sneak Peek

Birchbox just posted their September sneak peek video and this month’s theme is Heritage. I loved my July box and my August box was okay (hopefully I’ll get around to posting about them).  This month, every subscriber is getting a nail polish from Ruffian, a fashion brand also known for creating the “Ruffian manicure”. I love me some nail polish so I am super excited about that. Also, some subscribers will be receiving a card for 1000 points which is $100 to shop in the Birchbox shop. I am on a life imposed no buy so that would be awesome to receive. I am dying to shop for some beauty and skincare products. Fingers crossed. Check out the video below!

Beauty/Subscription Box Rumblings: Glossybox June 2013

Glossybox 029

Glossybox is one of my favorite subscription boxes. They are on the pricier side of the beauty sub boxes at $21 per month, but with the exception of the May box, I have never been disappointed. Glossybox is a beauty subscription service where they send you at least 5 deluxe-sized samples sometimes even full-size products. While I rarely dislike their boxes, a major qualm I have is that their shipping SUCKS. I’ve only received one box in the actual month it was for. More often than not, you will receive that month’s box in the next month, which is the case with this one as I received my June box the first week of July. This time around there was an actual reason for the delay in shipping as there was a hullabaloo between a couple of parties involved in the box, but just be warned that Glossybox rarely, if ever, ships their boxes on time.

This month, they partnered with Dallas Shaw who, according to her website, is known as the “it-girl illustrator and style expert.” The theme of the box was American Beauty and Shaw personally picked the products, all American made, in this month’s box. Take a look!

Glossybox 010

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Beauty/Subscription Box Rumblings: Birchbox June 2013

Sub Boxes June 2013 019

After two disastrous boxes from Birchbox in the beginning of the year, I decided to give them another shot and I re-subscribed for June. I am pleased to say I am not disappointed. Birchbox is a subscription box which sends out 4-5 deluxe samples every month. Sometimes the sample will be a full-size product which is always exciting. It only costs $10 per month although they do have yearly subscriptions that you can purchase. This month’s theme was Wanderlust and the idea was to send products that would suit you on your travels. Take a look!:Read More »