Drama Ratings

This is different from TV Ratings as this is solely focused on Asian Dramas. I have seen a lot of dramas and with the list growing and I figured it would be easier to just give them their own page.

My ratings are from 1-10 which encompasses how good I think it is, how much I liked it, how was the acting, plot, etc etc. However there are a couple of dramas where I use the rating system from the drama motherland: dramabeans.com. This system separates how good you think it is vs. how much you liked/enjoyed it. I will use an asterisk to denote when I use this system. For those who have seen the dramas where I use this, you will understand why 😉

Bolded dramas denotes that it is one of my favorites.

Korean Dramas

9 Ends 2 Outs – 7/10

Accidental Couple – 6.5/10

All About Marriage – 7/10

Baby- Faced Beauty – 6/10

Bad Love – 5/10

Becoming a Billionaire (aka Birth of the Rich) – 5/10

Best Love (aka Greatest Love) – 9/10

*Boys Over Flowers – (How good I think it is: 5/10; how much I enjoy it 10/10)  This drama is bad…so so bad…yet I love it. This drama is not good by any means. It has it’s moments, but objectively speaking it is a hot mess, but no matter what logic tells me otherwise, I love it. This is the drama that got me hooked on Korean dramas and I devoured this show which may be why I have a soft spot for it.

Brilliant Legacy – 8/10

Cinderella’s Sister – 7/10

City Hall – 9/10

City Hunter – 8/10

Dream High – 5/10

Flower Boy Ramyun Shop – 8.5/10

Fugitive (aka Runaway: Plan B) – 6/10

A Good Day for the Wind to Blow (aka Happiness in the Wind) – 6/10

Great Expectations (aka Kindergarten Love) – 6/10

Ghost – 7.5/10

Hello Miss – 5/10

How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor – 7/10

I Need Romance – 9/10

If Tomorrow Comes – 6/10

Invincible Lee Pyun Kyang – 6.5/10

Lie to Me – 4/10

Lovers – 4/10

Man of the Equator (aka Equator Man) – 8/10

Mary Stayed Out All Night (aka Marry Me Mary) – 5/10

My Girl – 8.5/10

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho – 7/10

My Husband Got a Family – 8/10

My Love By My Side – 6/10

My Love, My Family – 7/10

My Name is Kim Sam Soon – 10/10

Ojakkyo Brothers – 8/10

Paradise Ranch – 5/10

Personal Taste –  7.5/10

Powerful Opponents (aka Formidable Rivals) – 5/10

Prosecutor Princess – 8/10

Que Sera, Sera – 9/10

Romance Town – 6/10

Royal Family – 8/10

Secret Agent Miss Oh (aka Call of the Country) – 4/10

Secret Garden – 8/10 (I feel like I am one of the very few people who actually like this drama. It definitely has some issues, but I enjoyed it)

Sent from Heaven – 6/10

Smile, Donghae – 6/10

Spy Myung Wol – 6.5/10

Sungkyunkwan Scandal – 8/10

Three Brothers – 6/10

Thorn Birds – How good I think it is: 6/10; how much I enjoy it 9/10

Wild Romance – 8/10

The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry – 8/10

World Within (aka The World They Live In) – 7/10

Yacha – 8/10

You’re Beautiful – 8/10

Taiwanese Dramas

Autumn’s Concerto – 9/10

Easy Fortune, Happy Life – 8/10

Fated to Love You – 8/10

They Kiss Again – 8/10


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