Music Rumblings: Dave Matthews Band

Like many artists, there seems to be two camps when it comes to Dave Matthews Band: those who despise them with every fiber of their being and don’t understand their popularity and those who love them beyond all measure. I myself, fall into the latter category. I proudly worship at the altar of awesome that is Dave Matthews Band. With the exception of last year when they did not tour and this year when their fan club, Warehouse, pissed me off beyond all reason, I have made my way to multiple concerts every year since 2005. My love of DMB was so well-known that my old employers would delight in my yearly freak out when I received my concert tickets (it’s highly entertaining; there is dancing and high-pitched squealing.) With the recent release of their eighth album Away from the World, I decided to listen to their studio albums, which I haven’t done in a while and see how I feel about all of them.

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